EBT now trading on Poloniex!!

Welcome to the FUTURE of Electronic Benefit Transfer!

Who doesn’t like a little stake with their coin?

Check out our Bitcointalk thread! https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=437660.0

Coin Information

  • Scrypt PoW + STAKE!!
  • 250 million coins
  • 30 second block time
  • PoW Reward: 1,000 halving every 100k blocks – final subsidy of 1 coin after block 1,100,000
  • PoS Reward: Begins on day 30, mature at day 90
  • rpc Port: 3136
  • p2p Port: 3133
  • 1% (2.5m) pre-mine for giveaways/bounties (see below)



Block Explorers

2 comments on “Home

  1. EBT please contact me as i am looking to work with this coin. I am seriously followed crypto investor and can give you liquidity into you’re coin on markets such as poloneix! Please email me as i would like to work out a deal with you to bring liquidity and exposure to the markets!

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